Delivery Information

You can buy through the following

1. You can send a message Watsapp or line, for a number (0597005005) from inside the Saudi Arabia and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (+966597005005), add the product name and quantity of the preparation of the bill so please -send the message to pay the amount, to be sent to you products 

2. You can buy it directly through the site by selecting products and then determine the quantity, then press the button (of payment - bank transfer), and then requires you to our bank account for taking care to recording correctly address, after moving to the payment process we hope to determine the payment mechanism and money on any one of our accounts in banks or payment via PayPal, in favor of account [email protected]

Be shipping through our partner for the shipping, smsa FedEx, as it is shipping the value calculated with the invoice value, with the knowledge that the order reach you within 3 to 4 days .... Thank you for your valuable time